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Atmorans Elder Scrolls Fandom

Atmorans are an ancient race of Men who originated from the continent Atmora, located north of Skyrim. They are considered the progenitors of the Nords and subsequently the Imperials, Bretons, and possibly the Nedes, after a large group of them settled in northern Tamriel and founded the earliest known human city of Saarthal.

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Jun 05, 2013 · Lore : Atmora is the continent to the north of Tamriel, tradition holds that it was from here that the first humans came to Tamriel. There is some suggestion that, as of the early Third Era, it was still inhabited.

I did some mapping of Atmora. : teslore

I based the map on existing lore, details and patterns in fan and semi-official works, from inference on content found about Atmora from a few games, and time playing on a now offline Minecraft role playing server set in Atmora. These maps are some best efforts to be most comprehensive.

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Atmora Lore

Atmora Lore Sources. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. These sources are official Bethesda game content and more or less binding for the project: "Mysterious Akavir": Atmora means "Elder Wood" "Before the Ages of Man": "Merethic Era" = nordic term for "Elves age" King Haralds bards date it back to -2500 years before the start …

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Atmora is the continent to the north of Tamriel, from which the races of men (excluding the Redguard) first came. It is said to be a frozen wasteland now. Atmora means "Elder wood". This is where the proto-Nords descended into Tamriel, more specifically Skyrim.

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1 General Roles 1.1 Jarl 1.2 Godi 1.3 Price Fighter 1.4 Fellowship commoners of a Jarl 1.5 Karl 1.6 Skald 1.7 Thrall He is the physical ruler over an entity of land and families, he is judge, representative and warlord in one person, but also often family head of the biggest family in his village. He has the power to do “politics and buisiness” but he has to respect traditions of the …